Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Loopy Case: The smart, not crazy, phone case for parents with their hands full

Every iPhone case serves to protect the phone it wraps in an unfortunate event of drops, but there’s one case out there that wants to do more protection; it wants to prevent dropping from happening in the first place. We are talking about Loopy Case, a rare breed of iPhone case that has an interchangeable, but sturdy loop (it hold up to 10 lbs!) on its back for your fingers, so you can hold it without worrying about accidentally dropping it.

The case itself is of dual layer TPU that’s crack and chip resistant; a super shock-absorbent interior and full frame bumper with raised lip further adds to the protection – all while adding just 3mm to your device.

Loopy Case promised easy-to-press buttons out-of-the-box and it has oversized audio and charge ports to ensure fitment of third-party accessories. I know most folks will think this is just another case. Well, both yes and no. Yes, it will do the job of protecting the phone from misfortunes like bumps, drops and scratches, but with the loop, it makes handling the phone a lot more secure even when you are not using it.

The loop here is what makes Loopy Case so special; you can grab your Loopy Case-equipped iPhone even when your hands are full without ever worrying about dropping it. While it’s durable enough to let you have a hold on your phone (and using it one-handed), the loop is soft enough to be ‘deformed’ when you slip the device into the tightest pocket. And it can even double as a kickstand too, whenever you need it to be.

Want one? Well, that’s the thing. Loopy Case is yet to be a reality. The product is ready to hit the line, but it needs fund to do that. The team, who is not new to design and making phone cases, btw, is using Kickstarter to raise the money needed. If you want to see Loopy Case becomes a product you can buy, you can pre-order it for $29-$35, depending on how soon you act on it.


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