Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Magical Luna Lamp illuminates your world with the beauty of the moon

I am sure most homes are not lacking of regular lighting, but if you are looking to spruce up the ambience and/or add a little mystic to your home, then perhaps, you might want to take a look at Luna Lantern by Acorn Studio.

The product is what it says it is; it is a lighting in the likeness of the moon, but is not certainly not your run-of-the-mill lighting. It demands no fixture, though you could use it as a hanging lamp, but being a ‘moon’ it will play well with any corner of your room.

Each lantern features an artistic representation of the moon’s topography so surreal that it will make your room look like it is part of the greater space. Though its creator is quick to point out that the topography is by no way accurate, but the point is, it does look like a moon, lit or not, and that’s what matters. And no, you won’t find any craters either, but we are cool with that.

There are seven sizes to choose from ranging from 3.2 inch Luna XXS to 11.8 inch Luna M and to the massive 23.6 inch Luna XXL. With the exception of the XXS, which is battery-powered, Luna Lantern is outlet powered and boasts adjustable luminosity, and can be placed on the floor, desk or hang on the ceiling to mimic the night’s moon.

Luna Lantern is an on-going Indiegogo campaign, which has since over 540 percent funded and as part of its stretched goal for reaching $200K, Acorn Studio will be equipping each glass fiber lantern with an LED light bulb as opposed to halogen bulb as originally proposed. Prices start at $75 and run up to $875 for the super big Luna XXL. The lanterns are handcrafted by the team and thus, fulfilment will only happen between March and May 2016.


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