Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The LapPad - Mobile Workstation For Laptops, Smartphones And Tablets

One of the great things about laptops, apart from their compact size, is their flexibility and portability. You can work on a laptop from home, out of the office, at a different desk, in public transportation, outdoors, at a coffee shop… Wherever you are, your laptop follows.

The only annoying thing is when you have to balance it on your lap while holding a cup of coffee in one hand and trying to have a conversation on your cell phone. There is a laptop stand that will help you with this balancing act. It is called LapPad and it also serves as a workstation and mobile desk.
Produced by a Canadian company in Montreal,

LapPad is made from ethically sourced cross-woven bamboo using CNC milling. It is functional, practical, durable, strong and aesthetically pleasing. It comes with two built-in handles, a slot for various models of tablets and smartphones, a port for charging cables and a heavy-duty mouse pad which is suited both for left- and right-handed people.

Since it is made from quality bamboo, LapPad not only reduces the heat produced by laptop but also completely absorbs it. Furthermore, it’s ergonomically designed and it alleviates the strain on your hands and back from prolonged laptop use. With the LapPad you can maximize your workflow and keep up with your tasks cross-platform. This is a meticulously handcrafted, streamlined, elegant and efficient accessory.

LapPad’s producers have launched a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to get the pad mass produced so that you can work, play, watch and play games wherever you want.


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