Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Naked Cooler Is a Cooler That Has Windows So That You Can See What's Inside

No. Naked Cooler is not a naturalist thing, though naturalists are welcome to use them. Naked Cooler is essentially a cooler with windows and a customizable internal. It looks pretty rad with the transparent thing on it, if you ask me.

Well, it might not be the king of cool that touts boatload of tech, it is a functional cooler that removes one of life’s small inconveniences of not knowing what’s in the cooler, or are there any booze left in there to justify a long, arduous 3 feet walk to flip open the lid to retrieve a drink or two. Think you get the idea. In addition, it also makes your summer’s chilling out under the sun days a more organized one by having a removable drink organizer that wraps around a 14” x 10” ice bin, good for up to 18 drinks.

The cooler has a 2-inch thick foam insulation that is said to be able to keep ice frozen for 24 hours. Though we are not so sure about the transparent part which sun may have direct access to the interior. I am guessing, the 24-hour benchmark is likely not under the sun condition.

If you need more space, the ice bin slash drink holder can be removed to give you a generous 50 quarts of space to hold over 50 cans of your favorite drinks. The cooler comes with an integrated telescopic handle and a pair of large wheels for easy transportation, and is available in a choice of pink, blue, orange, or green accents. And oh, it is designed and will be made in the good’ol US of A.

If getting naked is your thing, you can pledge your support on Kickstarter and keep your fingers crossed that the campaign can reach or surpass its set funding goal of a lofty $200,000 in the next 14 days. A pledge of $99 or more will assure you of one of this cool naked wonder – if the campaign achieve its goal and if it does, you will have to wait till March next year to see it at your doorstep. That’s not the only caveat though; it only ships to Canada and the USA.

Halo WX Warns Of Smoke, Fire, tornadoes... and Other Hazards

The Halo Smart Smoke Alarm you see here is, as its product name suggests, an intelligent smoke detector that is also preset, out-of-the-box, to receive tornado warnings and push them to your mobile so you and your family can be better prepared for any imminent threats.

It is hard to imagine smoke alarm has come this far and is able to do more than just sniffing out smoke and crying them out loud in 85dB chirps. Halo does what many smoke alarms do, namely detecting smoke which could mean potential fire, but thanks to the industry-first combination of sensors, including photoelectric, ionization, carbon monoxide, heat and humidity, it can learn from its environment which will help reduce false alarms while confirming actual dangerous concerns. For example, it will learn that burnt toasts are not a cause for alarm and smoldering fire is.

The incorporation of both type of smoke detecting sensors ensure that it will not fail to detect different types of fire. Built-in WiFi connectivity enables Halo to connect to your home wireless network, while Zigbee protocol allows it to be assimilated into your home automation systems, should you have one in place. As mentioned earlier, it comes preset to receive tornado warnings, but you can also choose to add additional weather alerts (known as “imminent danger”), such as high wind, tsunami, flooding, blizzard – just to name a few, that are applicable to your locality. In this way, you will never missed out on critical alerts just because you don’t have a radio.

Another interesting feature is, Halo does away with annoying shrill beeping sound for warnings, instead, it uses verbal and visual warning. Verbal as in spoken words like “Elevated smoke in the kitchen” and visual is by the way of pulsating light. Aesthetically, we wouldn’t say Halo is revolutionary, cos’ it is after all, a smoke alarm, but it looks a whole lot handsomer than the usual battery-operated, packed in blister-pack, variety that you find in the bargain bins of Walmart.

Speaking of battery-operated, the Halo Smart Smoke Alarm is offered as “hard wired” version, which is powered by your home’s electrical wiring, and a “battery-only” model that runs off four AA batteries. The hard wired model comes outfitted with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery as a backup and the battery-powered model will notify you of low battery status with words as oppose to the irksome beeps. It can, of course, push this low-batt status to your cell phone, so you will know to pick up fresh batteries on your way home.

Want one? Well, then you can hit up Halo’s Indiegogo campaign page to pre-order one for $60 or more, depending on how soon you place the order.

Electrohome’s Retro Clock Radio looks old school, but hides new school tech

We are way into 2015 and as far as being futuristic is concerned, we are far from it, but there is at least one item you could own that would help inch closer to a high-tech, futuristic living and that’s the Retro Alarm Clock Radio by Electrohome.

While digital display clad in a retro design looks seemingly today, gesture control to activate the night light and to snooze the alarm does sound a little more, well, futuristic, if not by a lot. Inspired by dual bell-equipped retro clock, Retro Alarm Clock Radio has a pair of LED lights where the bell ringers supposed to be.These lights serve as a handy nightlight, which you can turn on and off just by waving over the clock. The same gesture can also use to activate the snooze feature for times when you need an extra five minutes.

Furthermore, the lights will gradually brighten as your set wakeup time approaches, thereby creating a soothing glow to welcome you to a brand new day. And did we mention that it also feature automatic time and date setting too? Just hook this little fella up with the wall outlet and the time and date will be displayed. But that also brings us to a caveat: it needs to be plugged in, but there’s a backup battery to keep the clock ticking in the event of outages. There is also a SelfSet technology, allowing you to set up Daylight Savings Time, which will adjust each spring and fall.

In addition to time, the dimmable display also lets you in on the calendar and indoor temperature too. Other features include programmable dual alarm with weekend cancellation, option to wake to buzzer or radio, and convenient sleep and nap timers.

With so many tricks up its sleeve, you may think that the Retro Alarm Clock Radio will cost quite a bit. Surprisingly, it has a retail price of just $34.99. While it is affordable, it is probably not like those vintage stuff that you can throw against the wall to silent the awful, morning shrieks.

You can find the Electrohome’s Retro Clock Radio - here

Magical Luna Lamp illuminates your world with the beauty of the moon

I am sure most homes are not lacking of regular lighting, but if you are looking to spruce up the ambience and/or add a little mystic to your home, then perhaps, you might want to take a look at Luna Lantern by Acorn Studio.

The product is what it says it is; it is a lighting in the likeness of the moon, but is not certainly not your run-of-the-mill lighting. It demands no fixture, though you could use it as a hanging lamp, but being a ‘moon’ it will play well with any corner of your room.

Each lantern features an artistic representation of the moon’s topography so surreal that it will make your room look like it is part of the greater space. Though its creator is quick to point out that the topography is by no way accurate, but the point is, it does look like a moon, lit or not, and that’s what matters. And no, you won’t find any craters either, but we are cool with that.

There are seven sizes to choose from ranging from 3.2 inch Luna XXS to 11.8 inch Luna M and to the massive 23.6 inch Luna XXL. With the exception of the XXS, which is battery-powered, Luna Lantern is outlet powered and boasts adjustable luminosity, and can be placed on the floor, desk or hang on the ceiling to mimic the night’s moon.

Luna Lantern is an on-going Indiegogo campaign, which has since over 540 percent funded and as part of its stretched goal for reaching $200K, Acorn Studio will be equipping each glass fiber lantern with an LED light bulb as opposed to halogen bulb as originally proposed. Prices start at $75 and run up to $875 for the super big Luna XXL. The lanterns are handcrafted by the team and thus, fulfilment will only happen between March and May 2016.

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