Thursday, October 22, 2015

Johnnie Walker Blue Label and Tumi Introduces Limited Edition Tasting Case

With the holiday season around the corner, the search for finding perfect gifts for loved ones has already started. Well, this time how about treating yourself with a classy gift that you can flaunt when your friends visit your place for a drink or two? Here is your golden opportunity as Johnnie Walker Blue Label and TUMI have joined hands to introduce a cool limited edition tasting kit. Dubbed the TUMI x Johnnie Walker Blue Label case, the tasting kit will surely make your home a cool place to hang out during the holidays.

Inspired by the rare casks which are selected to create the Johnnie Walker Blue Label, the Scotch whisky brand and the hi-end luggage manufacturer have worked on every little detail to produce the special holiday kit. A limited edition of just 65 cases is available which are crafted by a group of talented Italian artisans over the period of a year.

The dark blue leather carry case is laser-etched with TUMI logo and is designed to fit a 750ml Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle. It comes with two premium rocks glasses supported by slide in-and-out nickel plated leather squares which also doubles as coasters. A stainless steel ice bucket and tongs are also included in the package. Buyers will get an option to custom engrave the face of the bottle as per their likings.

With only 65 units offered, the TUMI x Johnnie Walker Blue Label tasting kit is now available for purchase with a price tag of $5,000 at and select Tumi retail stores in New York and California.

Wash Away The Dark Side With Star Wars Shower Heads

The upcoming Star Wars is really a huge deal to Disney. How do you tell besides the obvious? Well, you know it when Star Wars merchandize transcends beyond toys and video games, and start popping up as commercial jet and the latest, as showerheads. Yup. You heard that right. Showerheads. Finally, fans can have their Star Wars fix even while showering and bathe in the galaxy far, far away style with two designs: Darth Vader and R2-D2.

Made by showerhead innovator Oxygenics, both showerheads features anti-clog nozzles, 3 powerful (of course!) spray settings with patented Oxygenics technology, and 2 GPM flow rate.

Apart from the obvious design difference between Lord Vader and R2-D2, the two showerheads also differ in use: Darth Vader is a handheld sprayer, complete with a 6’ long hose, while R2-D2 is a fixed showerhead, and Vader is larger too, at 6” diameter, as opposed R2’s 4” diameter. Clearly, these showerheads are must-haves for fans, and if the fictional galaxy exists, they are sure to be in demand by Vader and the cute droid’s worshippers.

Though it is worthy to note that bathing in Vader’s tears (or spits, depending on which shower mode you chose) will not bestow with unspeakable Force. Also, R2 won’t making any cute noises, nor will it project holographic of Princess Leia pleading for help while you shower. Now for the real good news: you can actually acquire the Oxygenics Star Wars Showerhead from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $24.99 for the R2 version, or $29.99 for the Vader variety.

PuraKai Clothing Wants To Clean Up The Ocean By Selling T-Shirts Made Of Beer Bottles

Beer lovers, you owe it to the world to wear the Beer Bottle Shirt. But don’t worry. It won’t make you look like a walking beer bottle. In fact, you won’t even know that the handsome tee on your back is actually made from used plastic beer bottles. What?! They can do that? Well, apparently, startup PuraKai Clothing just did. Collaborating with Patrick Mills in North Carolina,

Beer Bottle Shirt is made from Patrick Mills’s Earth Spun Yarn, a material born out of recycled plastic beer bottles and if you ask me, it sure makes a lot of sense to me. Why? Each year, over 50 billion plastic bottles are used in the US and only 31 percent of the lot gets recycled. This means landfills and even oceans, gets 69 percent of the ‘waste’. Now, that’s not exactly a good thing.

While recycling effort so far is a good, it just isn’t enough and asking people to use less plastic is simply not a practical approach (actually, more like impossible). PuraKai decided that it is high time to do something to improve the situation. That said, the more Beer Bottle Shirt they sell, the more plastic beer bottles will be recycled. It’s a win-win situation for the company, the consumers and the environment in general. The company can earn something out of it, while consumers can wear something that’s minimalist and stylish and get to reduce the number of plastics going to landfills, or worst, get swept into the ocean.

In case you think trash getting into ocean is no big deal and will “disappear” in no time, well, actually they do disappear, but likely to be swallowed by marine animals that may end up on the our table as food. And so yeah, we pretty much eating the plastic, and any associated toxins that come with it, thanks to our frivolous use of plastic and irresponsible handling of trash. That’s not to say beer lovers are solely responsible for this alarming environment threat; but being a country packed with beer enthusiasts and concerts where beer in plastic bottles are consumed, it makes perfect sense to act on this segment. Besides, it will alleviate the guilt of concert-going, beer-gulping folks the next time they take a sip.

But how much saving are we talking about? Nearly seven 20 oz plastic bottles, that’s how much and on top of that, it will save 18 quarts of water since the fabric doesn’t need to be dye – the fabric colors come from the plastic itself. PuraKai Clothing has bought this awesome idea to Kickstarter where you will be able to pre-order Beer Bottle Shirt or Beanie (with bottle opener) for $30-$35. If all goes as planned, i.e. it gets funded, then you should be seeing your order at your doorstep by December.

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