About Us

We are two enthusiasts of all relevant to design.

One of us has completed Master University education of Computer Systems and Technologies also Microsoft based technologies. The other one in our team has completed University education of Design engineer and intirior.We work together on our common projects more than 10 years.

Our idea is this blog to become a place where we will reflect the new trends in modern design. We will seek to show innovation in interior design, construction of automotive and the newest gadgets. We staked on copyright articles. The main sections are Tips and History. In the section for tips we will tell you about foundation of design we will advise you which option is best for each type of apartment or a house. We will publish tips to help you in planning or construction of your home. In the History section we will publish articles on the history of design, where it all started all back in ancient to get to present days.

        Our articles can be used free but only if you put link to the original article.

Enjoy reading.

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